My name is Tayler Earland this is Fiber for the People™; a small-batch, independent hand-dyed yarn business run exclusively from my small home in Henderson, Nevada.  Welcome!  I'm certain there is something here for you.  But in the meantime, let me tell you a little bit about how this all got started.

My new and rapidly growing passion for dyeing yarn first made itself known to me after I embarked on hand-dying as a crafty experiment and a new creative goal to chronicle on my YouTube channel, Wool, Needles, Hands: a Fiber Journey.  I love yarn and have always harbored an intense appreciation for those who produce beautiful and unique skeins; yarn that floats from your fingers like little rivers of color.  It's a kind of magic.  And the feeling I get when I see these skeins in person, hold them in my hands and take in their loveliness....priceless.  The more I saw this, the more I wanted to try my hand.  Take a stab at the magic of color and fiber.  After that very first batch of dyed yarn, I was swallowed up whole and changed forever; hopelessly hooked on this rich and beautiful craft.  Toying with the colors and building stories with the hues and tones and SPECKLES became an  addiction of sorts (a good one; dare I say, a healthy one--color therapy anyone?) and I have yet to look back.

I didn't expect to turn this into a business.  I didn't imagine that I would take to it the way that I did, but the idea of sharing my creativity and designs with others was just so delicious that I couldn't resist....and the encouragement from those lovely people I am so honored to call friends in this fiber community certainly provided that extra nudge that ultimately resulted in my toppling headlong into this business.  There was no turning back!  


...pans and pots and buckets were purchased.  Dyes and wool washes and drying racks were acquired.  Undyed yarn was stockpiled and pages of color schemes were sketched with newly sharpened colored pencils.  A name was chosen, a logo was made (after tirelessly working to master Adobe Illustrator) , labels were designed.  Fiber for the People™ was born.  And it was good.

I am so grateful for this opportunity to share my creativity with you.  Thank you for your support in this venture.  Here's to rich color and squishy Fiber for the People™!   



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In addition to running Fiber for the People™, Tayler Earl is a stay-at-home mom of two sweet boys, as well as the host of the Wool, Needles, Hands: a Fiber Journey YouTube channel.  She shares a home in Henderson, Nevada with her husband Branden (a teacher and baseball coach and loving, supportive husband extroardinaire), her little boys Aengus and Ronan, and Oscar the grumpy and lazy house-cat.