Do you sell wholesale?     

At this time, my online shop is my leading priority.  All Fiber for the People yarn is sold exclusively at

Do you do dye-to-order or special order items?

Please see the Bulk Orders tab above.  

Will you reserve listings?

As a fairness to all Fiber for the People customers, all items are listed on a first-come-first-serve basis.

I made multiple orders to avoid losing out on an item.  Can you combine the shipping for those orders?

If I have not shipped your first order, I will gladly combine your orders and refund any shipping overages.

I forgot to use my coupon code.  Can you refund the difference?

I will gladly apply your coupon code.  Simply contact me with your order number and coupon code and I will refund the overage.

If I purchase yarn from you, will I be charged customs fees?

Unfortunately customs fees are part of many overseas purchases.  Though they may not be assessed every time you make international orders, they will happen eventually.  There is nothing I, or any yarn dyer selling from either Etsy or a dedicated webstore, can do to avoid this and it has nothing to do with the shipping options I offer.  I am not responsible for any customs fees you may be asked to pay on receipt of your item.  Please de advised of your country's Customs Duty policy prior to making a purchase.  I will not mark items as 'gifts' on customs labels to avoid fees as that is illegal.

Can you offer recommendations on colorways that would pair well with a skein I purchased in a previous update?

Yes, I can do my best.  If I have a physical skein of the colorway in my possession, I can make a match with colorways available in the update.  However, without a physical skein, I can only make recommendations from what I know about the colorway and photos.  I do not guarantee that you will love the match as we all have different tastes, so please keep that in mind before purchasing.

Where do you buy your yarn?

I do not share this information.  The choices I make in the yarn I carry are thought-out and based on my experience sampling many different kinds of yarn from several providers.  I recommend doing your due-diligence when it comes to finding places to purchase yarn for dying.

What techniques do you use to dye your yarn?

This is not information I will ever share as my techniques are unique to my brand.