Carnival Barker-{4-ply MCN; Fingering (Costanza Base)}

Carnival Barker-{4-ply MCN; Fingering (Costanza Base)}


Carnival Barker is a colorway inspired by old victorian carnival posters. Bright colors, speckles, and more muted tones take on a sort of sepia effect in this beautifully vintage colorway.

demi-speckled refers to a skein of yarn that is speckled on half, with the other half dyed a contrasting shade(s).

80%/10%/10% SW Merino/Cashmere/Nylon; 4-ply; fingering; 435yds/100g (aka Costanza—for more on this yarn base, check out the Yarn Info page)

Hand-dyed yarn tends to vary slightly both between and within dye lots due to the nature of the dying process.  If you are planning on working up a larger project which requires more than one skein, be sure to alternate skeins every two or three rows.  This helps to hide any variation between skeins.

After each skein is dyed and cooled to room temperature, they are gently rinsed in lukewarm water to remove any excess dye and soaked in Eucalan wool soak prior to being spun and hung to dry.  The Eucalan soak is a leave-in treatment, as it were, providing a conditioning infusion of lanolin back into the fiber, as well as a gentle wash.  I take extra care of my yarn babies before they come to live with you.

Please be sure to hand-wash all of your knitted items in cool water with a gentle wash.  Superwash, smooperwash!  It's best to use your hands the old fashioned way. And if a little bit of bleeding occurs on the first wash, never fear!  It happens.

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